Bond and dine with your barkers at Whole Pet Kitchen

I have not blogged in a long time because there hasn’t really been much to blog about. But, today, I feel like it’s important to share my  Whole Pet Kitchen experience. I’ve long patronized WPK products, because they are healthy for dogs and made with human-grade ingredients. When I learned that the owner, Giannina Gonzalez (who also happens to be a distant cousin), was opening a pet barkery, I was ecstatic. I haven’t really been able to take Max out much lately, and I always feel so guilty that I don’t get to spend more time with him. But now that there is an actual restaurant that serves food for humans and dogs alike, well, by golly, I am blown away. I look forward to study dates with Max by my side. 

Off we go to have lunch at Whole Pet Kitchen.

Notice that Max is also strapped in. Safety first!

We picked up Anne and Carl and here, Max and Carl meet for the first time. Even if they were in the same car for about 20 minutes, they were completely oblivious to each other. 

 Yay, I’ve been wanting to meet Mr. Jack the Golden Retriever for the longest time! It was a real pleasure, Mr. Jack. 

There’s a menu for hoomans and another one for pets. 

 While waiting for our food, we met Philip, one of the most handsome pugs I’ve ever seen. 

 Mr. Philip on the pup sofa. 

This citrus cooler was delish! 

The pet and hooman desert display. 

Max and I decided to have matching lunches. The chef is the daughter of THE Chef Gene Gonzalez, owner of Cafe Ysabel, so it’s no surprise that this lasagna was dee-lish. Talent truly runs in the family. In this case, anyway. Lasagna is priced at a little over 200. 

We wanted to wait for our furbabies’ food but Giannina advised that we eat ours before their arrive because once it does, we won’t be able to eat anymore. She was soooo right. We were too busy fussing over our little furballs that it took our focus away from our food. 

 Poch ordered the Porkballs and Pickles Sammie. I’m not sure if that’s what it’s EXACTLY called, but lemme tell you, this sandwich was mmm-mmm good. Next time, I’m gonna order that. 

Here is Max’s lasagna!!! I tasted it and it was actually pretty good! The meat is liver and I’m a fan, so I enjoyed it. Kinda made me feel like I was eating extra healthy. Haha. Almost had to stop myself from finishing his food. This was about P78. Comes with a bowl of water. 

 “Hmmm. What is this sumptous looking thing,” says Maximo. 

 Other wares on display. The muffins are really the best take-home treats for your dogs. 

 Mr. Jack is happy to see me!

 Okay, now he doesn’t look too happy, after all that smothering.

 Anne with Mr. Jack. Behind her, Carl is busy peeing. Haha

Max and Carl shared a slice of liver cake. 

Here we are with the Chef, Giannina. Congratulations Giannina! So happy for you! 

 There’s a small garden for dogs to pee on. Don’t you just love that dog house that houses the air conditioner? 

Whole Pet Kitchen is located near Cafe Ysabel in San Juan. From P. Guevarra, turn left after Cafe Ysabel. WPK is shortly on the right. 

Giannina, I just wanted to say that you are a huge blessing to all the dogs and cats and their hoomans because you created a space for them to be able to enjoy a meal together, and to bask in each others’ love. It sounds cheezy, I know, but I know that dog lovers know what I’m talking about. We love being with our furbabies and wish that we could spend more time with them. We love to treat them to yummy chomps and make them happy. I love that now, I can order and eat my food and do the same for Maxi. Because of this idea, you gave us a very precious gift, Giannina. Thank you soooo much.


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