The Arbonne Lipstick Experience

I’ve always been a lipstick kind of girl. I could go sans makeup but must have my lippie in hand, or the very least, a tube of Chapstick. On top of this, I’m also a roots person. If I find something I like, I stick to it for years.

One I’ll be sticking to is Arbonne’s Lotus lippie. I didn’t expect to like it, but when Ate (Big sister) V. let me try it, I was in la-la-la-love. Aside from their brand promise of using eco-friendly, botanical ingredients (see said promise below) this lippie is buttery and smooth, and so pigmented that it usually only requires a few touch-ups per day if you are like me and snack on stuff through the day.

Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 3.46.20 PM18077180_10155278580308628_6946999746533252107_o

I bet you could even do with just one touch-up after lunch, if you’re not much of a muncher.

I’ve been looking for a colour that is natural yet gives your lip the right blush and I’ve found it. When this tube ran out, I contemplated checking out a similar shade from some brands I’ve always wanted to try before, but the roots person in me just.couldn’


See, I’m the kind of person who really takes into account the value of her money, so I never want to take the risk of purchasing something and then hating it. Which also says a lot that I am willing to invest in Arbonne’s Lotus. It’s just THAT fab!


In a nutshell, it’s buttery soft, colour-rich, and a must-have, through and through. You can try it for yourself for free, let’s do a spa party! Message me or any of the ladies tagged in the Facebook post in which this was linked.


(This is not paid advertisement and wholly my opinion on my personal experience with Arbonne’s lip line).


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